Monday, January 31, 2005

Yorkie Snowman

Yorkie Snowman

Some idiot on somebody's comments pointed out that I seem to bash women for the most part, that's because airhead women like to listen to their own vapid thoughts, and are more deluded and pretentious than airhead men, who just go to NASCAR events and hunt deer. Airhead women like to listen to themselves talk. Notably, however, most of the men I bash are British. Make of that what you will.

Here we go with another winner from the Queen's anus: This Blog will get a D+ because it really isn't much of anything except boring. It's a Blog about the fucking weather. He takes shallow pictures of boring things and puts them on the Web for us to see, thanks, boring-ass Yorkie dude! We need you! None of us have digital cameras, we rely on you to show us what we can see for ourselves! D+

Oh, and WT girl, thanks for misquoting me to make yourself look better. Maybe you'll change it now, or maybe not. I win either way.


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